A Brief Overview of Disc Golf

Since the game of golf is such a popular sport all over the world, it does make sense that Disc Golf would be a popular pastime as well. It actually is a sport that got its start back in the 1960’s, and since that time its popularity has been rising steadily each year.

disc golf

The result of all this is that there has been the building of over 3,000 Disc Golf Courses in the United States, and another 3,000 all over the rest of the world.

The playing of disc golf is very similar to regular golf, the only difference being the equipment that is used to play the game. In regular golf, of course, the ball is hit by a golf club toward a hole in the ground that is located some distance away. In disc golf, a disc is used instead of golf clubs and a ball.

The disc is hurled towards a basket that is located some distance away, with the object being to get the disc into the basket. The basket, in disc golf, has loosely hanging chains, which makes it easier to get the disc into the basket.

The throw of the disc begins at a tee pad, and progresses over a course with several throws in order to get to the basket, our “hole” and “hole out.” The players can use different discs that are labeled as the Driver, Mid-Range and the Putter.

The driver has sharper edges in order to cause it to travel farther, the mid-range less sharp, and the putter having blunter edges, much like a modern Frisbee, for more control and easier usage. Beginning disc golfers will find it easier to begin their training with a mid-range disc, as it is easier to control than a driver disc.

This way, they can learn the rudiments of the game and gain experience, rather than lose their driver disc in a tree or a stream, as it is more difficult to control and can easily get away from you. The mid-range disc will result in a steady, more defined throw, and it is easier with which to train, than the driver.

The driver disc throw can be practiced, but more skill is necessary and it can be developed by practicing away from an actual game.

Meet The PDGA

Disc golf is also similar to regular golf in that it has its own organization called the PDGA, which stands for the Professional Disc Golf Association. This is the association that is responsible for the rule making in the United States and the final authority on arbitrations and disputes.

The PDGA also helps in the organization and promotion of the World Championship of Disc Golf and the United States Disc Golf Championship. The excitement and festivity of regular golfing events holds no advantage over disc golf, as the players and fans get just as worked up about disc golf and regular golf participants to about their sport.

Disc golf is gaining a decided following, fueled by a growing population of enthusiastic players around the country and all over the world too. There is a following of all of the skilled players who have gained a good bit of notoriety due to their “discing” talents. The current “Tiger Woods” of disc golf is a gentleman named David Feldberg.

A close contender to Mr. Feldberg is Ken Climo, who is also very accomplished in the game. There are several DVD’s that are now on the market that offer excellent instructions on how to play the game of disc golf. It is much easier to learn by actually watching someone play the game, and then imitate those actions.

Now, nothing is stopping you in your quest for learning how to play, and setting our on your own to master this exciting and fun game.

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